Our Education

Foundational Key Competencies

  • A-1 Balanced Health
  • B-1 Communication and Sharing
  • C-1 Gratitude and Responsibility
  • D-1 Independent Learning
  • E-1 Logic Thinking
  • F-1 Caring and Respect

Developmental Key Competencies

  • A-2 Challenge the Potential
  • B-2 Organization and Cooperation
  • C-2 Service and Leadership
  • D-2 Innovation and Breakthrough
  • E-2 Independent Review
  • F-2 Macro Vision

Basic Courses

Chinese-English Comprehension and Reading Data and Logic Technology and Innovation Music and Art Health and Sports

Growth-oriented Courses

Personality Development Program Social Practice & Service and Learning

Extension-Based Courses

Health & Happiness Expanding Horizons Potential Development

Research-based Courses

Thematic Research Courses Artificial Intelligence

Kindergarten to Grade12 K-12

  • Stage1

    Kindergarten 3-6 Years Old
  • Stage2

    Primary School 6-12 Years Old
  • Stage3

    Middle School 12-15 Years Old
  • Stage4

    High School 15-18 Years Old

Multi-dimensional Viewing of SMIC

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HS 2108  Kindergarten 1607  CT 2468  ET 2311

CT Health Center——2106   ET Health Center——3102




CT AA——8999

CT SA  1202

ET AA  2688

ET SA  2688

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  • #9 Liangshuihe 2nd Street, BDA, Beijing

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